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Providing professional deer management and wildlife conservation services across the British Isles since 2002. The new English Woodland Creation Grants are now open for applications, contact us to discuss protecting your new or existing woodlands. We also offer a live capture service to deer parks and farms.

Farming the Wild with Mike Robinson click the image to watch the you tube video

Mike Robinson travelled the UK in search of the finest wild ingredients. Mike joined Mark and Paul on a Wild Chinese Water Deer stalk, resulting in a rack of fangs!

If you would like to buy venison. Click here to visit our sister site wildvenison.co.uk.

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Our nationwide team of associates are fully trained in all aspects of deer and wildlife management, over the past 20 years we have provided services for private and corporate clients. Whether you have a Muntjac in your private garden or herds of marauding red deer we can assist. In addition we offer a range of wildlife conservation services including domestic / commercial pest control across Norfolk and Suffolk.

As part of our all-round package of products and services we are heavily involved in wild deer and game training, offer a variety of different wild deer stalking options and provide bespoke training solutions.