Burrage & Associates Woodland Management Services

Woodland Management

In addition to offering professional deer management Burrage & Associates can help improve your woodlands through a structured approach to their management. Whether you are thinking of planting or selectively felling or fencing we can help.

The following tasks are a selection of contracts we have accomplished to the satisfaction of our existing customers:-

  • Ride Establishment
  • 1st Thinning
  • Woodland and Hedgerow Planting
  • Deer / Rabbit Fencing of coppice coupes
  • High Pruning of plantations
  • Felling of dangerous and windblown trees
  • Scrub Clearance
  • Harvesting of short rotation coppice
  • Pollarding mature standards

Whatever the task we are able to supply experienced personnel to carry out the procedure effectively, safely and cost efficiently.

Assistance with Woodland Grant Applications

With our experience in both deer and woodland management we believe we are ideally suited to assist landowners in planning their future woodlands. Part of this process is the application for grant funding to offset some of the considerable cost involved in either planting new woodlands or improving existing woodlands.

Whether you are applying for either a Woodland Grant Scheme or considering a new woodland we can help make the process smoother and easier for you. From the time we are appointed we will formulate a woodland management plan, which encompasses your goals, and deal with the application on your behalf.

From application to planting and managing the woodland Burrage & Associates will be with you every step of the way. If you have considered either a new plantation or improving your existing woodlands contact us.