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Wild Deer – Game Training

Carcase Handling And Meat Inspection / Preparation

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  • Please get in touch for further information.
  • If you are interested in attending any of the above courses please contact us.
  • Price is per day.

WDMQ Level 1



  • Courses take place at a variety of venues across East Anglia.
  • Our next course is scheduled for the 1st week in November
  • If you have previously attended a WDMQ Level One course and require to re sit a particular module to pass the qualification then please contact us directly on 01502 733501 for further advice.
  • Course tutor for the week will be Mr M W Burrage. The first four days will be predominately classroom based with the fifth day being the assessment day. Successful candidates will be awarded the Wild Deer Management Qualification Level One certificate; all candidates will be awarded a certificate of attendance.
  • If you are interested in attending a course please email mark@wilddeer.co.uk for more information. Places are limited and must be reserved in advance.
  • Topics that will be covered over the five-day course are:
    ● Deer Species Identification
    ● Deer Biology and Ecology
    ● Stalking Techniques and Taking the Shot
    ● Safety and Practical Rifle Shooting
    ● The Law
    ● Species of deer found in the British Isles- Red / Sika / Fallow/ Roe / Muntjac / Chinese Water Deer
    ● Safety
    ● Deer Identification
    ● Damage Identification
    ● Rifles - Ballistics - Zeroing
    ● Taking the shot - Reaction to shot - Gralloching a deer
    ● Census - Records - Trophies - Cull selection
    ● Fencing - Highseats - Forest Design
    ● Law and Liabilities
    ● Equipment and use of dogs
    ● Range Tests
    ● Simulated Stalk
  • The five day course culminates in a day of examinations designed to test the candidates knowledge of the topics covered. In addition a range test is conducted to ensure that the candidate is accurate and humane when using a deer calibre rifle.
  • Successful candidates will be awarded the Deer Management Qualification Level One and are then able to register for the Level Two portfolio

Game Meat Hygiene Level 2



  • This course provides successful candidates with a LANTRA recognised qualification. Please get in touch for further information.

Book Stalking Outing/s Online


  • We currently offer client stalking on several estates in East Anglia. So if you want to come stalking in England look no further! We are also pleased to announce the launch on 31st October 2014 of our Book a Stalking Outing online service. Burrage & Associates are, we believe the first company in the region to offer our clients the opportunity to book and pay for their outing online via our secure online shopping cart. Booking is simple. Just choose the number of outings Select the date of your outing in the checkout Select payment method and make payment Receive email confirmation of payment Await details of rendezvous and bring your FAC and insurance / membership details with you. All cull deer and stalking trophy fees are agreed and payable on the day Accommodation is NOT included but can be arranged at additional cost. We stalk Mondays to Saturdays inclusive Wounded deer are chargeable Full wounded deer tracking service available