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Level 1

Level 1


Courses take place at a variety of venues across East Anglia.

Our next course is scheduled for the 3rd week in August 2024

If you have previously attended a WDMQ Level One course and require to re-sit a particular module to pass the qualification then please contact us directly on 01508 550633 for further advice.

The first two days will be predominately classroom-based with the third day being the assessment day. Successful candidates will be awarded the Wild Deer Management Qualification Level One certificate; all candidates will be awarded a certificate of attendance.


Topics that will be covered over the course are:

  • Deer Species Identification
  • Deer Biology and Ecology
  • Stalking Techniques and Taking the Shot
  • Safety and Practical Rifle Shooting
  • The Law
  • Species of deer found in the British Isles- Red / Sika / Fallow/ Roe / Muntjac / Chinese Water Deer
  • Safety
  • Deer Identification
  • Damage Identification
  • Rifles – Ballistics – Zeroing
  • Taking the shot – Reaction to shot – Gralloching a deer
  • Census – Records – Trophies – Cull selection
  • Fencing – Highseats – Forest Design
  • Law and Liabilities
  • Equipment and use of dogs
  • Range Tests
  • Simulated Stalk

The three-day course culminates in a day of examinations designed to test the candidate’s knowledge of the topics covered. In addition, a range test is conducted to ensure that the candidate is accurate and humane when using a deer caliber rifle.

Successful candidates will be awarded Level One and are then able to register for the Level Two portfolio.

Duration:  3 days

Outcome:  Candidates acquire a suitable level of knowledge to pass the Level 1 criteria

Certification:  Level One Certificate

Test:  Candidates will be assessed on both their theoretical and practical knowledge/ability.