About Burrage & Associates

Company Philosophy

"To work towards achieving a sustainable equilibrium of the deer population through a professional and co-ordinated approach to deer management, ensuring the sustainability of the environment."

In order to achieve this vision all members of a deer management group must agree on the need to maintain deer numbers in balance with their environment. Without this common aim any management technique employed could jeopardize the wild deer population.

Our Aims

  • To encourage the formation of deer management groups in the East of England region, via our Deer Management Membership Scheme.
  • To provide a database of qualified deer managers for the humane dispatching of deer involved in road traffic accidents.
  • To provide training in professional deer management techniques and increase awareness of the legal aspects of deer control.
  • To encourage landowners to manage neglected woodlands through incentives such as access to equipment and materials associated with deer management.

Mark Burrage

Mark Burrage

Professional Deer manager from Norfolk, who studied Game and Waterkeeping at Sparsholt College Hampshire in 1995/6.

Initially qualifing as a gamekeeper, he has experience in all aspects of gamebird husbandry, wildlife conservation and countryside management and has been managing Deer for the past twenty three years.

Burrage & Associates was established in 2002 and has steadily grown ever since. Bringing on board more woodland owners, stalkers, land agents and interested parties.