A typical outing at Muntjac - challenging but hugely rewarding

Review in Shooting Times (13 July 2006)

Wild Deer Stalking
in East Anglia

We currently offer client stalking on several estates in East Anglia. So if you want to come stalking in England look no further! We are also pleased to announce the launch of our Book a Stalking Outing online service.  Burrage & Associates are, we believe the first company in the region to offer our clients the opportunity to book and pay for their outing online via our secure online shopping cart.

Booking an outing is simple. Just click on the Book Wild Deer Stalking Outing or Training link in the navigation bar and select the book an outing item in the shopping area, you will then be directed to the online secure payment area where you can select your payment method and date of stalk required. You will then receive an email confirming your secure payment has been successful.

Please complete our registration form.   Please bring your FAC and membership card with you when you attend your outing as without it you will not be permitted to stalk.

Foreign clients please note language translation is provided.

Your chosen outing date and appropriate rendezvous details will then be confirmed via email. Please note that we are able to take a maximum of four clients per outing.

Cull days have a maximum of 12 clients.

Burrage & Associates

From 1st November to 1st April we can offer Fallow and Red as well as Roe , Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac stalking over some very challenging ground in East Anglia.

Roe Bucks are available from 1st April and booking is advisable.

Scottish Highland Stags are also available from 1st July to 20th October and Hinds from 21st October to 15th February.

Accommodation for traveling stalkers is available upon request, we have a stunning shepherd’s hut available at just £75 per night.

Trophy preparation is available at additional cost, trophy fees are as previously listed.

All stalkers need to have at least WDMQ/DSC Level 1. Experience is essential. Those who wish to stalk but do not meet the standard required can attend a suitable training course run by the company.

For more details or to book an outing please email mark@wilddeer.co.uk

2023/24 Season

"Associate" Membership Scheme -
Deer Management Opportunities

We are currently able to offer a limited number of vacancies within our annual Associate Membership Scheme, operating across both Norfolk and Suffolk.

The Associate Scheme provides numerous deer management opportunities throughout the year and is available to carefully selected applicants only.

Applicants must display both suitable experience, referees and hold WDMQ DSC Levels 1 & 2. In addition each applicant must pass a series of knowledge, safety and shooting tests prior to being offered “Associate” status.

Unlike our previous Muntjac syndicates there are no fixed dates, instead we operate a notice period of just 10 days. All management activities must be conducted in accordance with the deer management plan for the estate.

Experience is essential and references will be sought. Those who wish to stalk but do not meet the standard required can attend a suitable training course run by the company.

The fundamental advantages of the “Associate” Membership Scheme are as follows;

During the annual period each “Associate” will be able to participate in accompanied deer management activities across several of the estates under the control of Burrage & Associates.